Recruiting guide: 8 steps to hire top talents

At times, the recruitment process can feel like a cumbersome task. However, effective hiring always relies on a well-structured system. If you’re in search of guidance on recruiting top tech talents, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we present you with our exclusive system, the one we rely on at FreyStaff. This system operates seamlessly, enabling our recruiters to efficiently and consistently fill open positions. Today, we’re sharing this comprehensive guide based on the best international recruitment practices. It is packed with essential insights to assist you in streamlining and enhancing the recruitment process within your organization.

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Recruiting guide: 8 steps to hire top talents


  1. Introduction
  2. The 8-step recruiting process at FreyStaff
    1. Kick-off meeting or who to hire
    2. First contact with a candidate
    3. On-sourcing with candidates who are interested
    4. Second contact with a candidate
    5. Recruiter interview
    6. Technical interview
    7. Hiring manager interview
    8. Candidate’s feedback and Job offer
  3. Wrapping up

1. Introduction

Let’s be honest: finding the right person for a job isn’t as straightforward as it may appear. You can’t just skim through a list of candidates and say, “That CV looks good.” Moreover, remote recruitment demands an approach to screening and interviewing candidates that differs from a traditional one. Instead, recruiting requires several essential steps to conclude the process of selecting an employee.

Strategic planning of recruitment process

This journey begins with the strategic planning of your recruitment process, crafting compelling job announcements, conducting interviews, performing background checks, and finally, extending the official job offer. Between these key stages, there are several nuances to address.

Considering the time constraints and the myriad responsibilities you juggle when recruiting, whether you’re filling the open roles in a burgeoning startup or assembling a team from the ground up, this guide is designed to assist you. It provides a concise, easy-to-follow roadmap for identifying and selecting new employees.

At FreyStaff recruitment services (as well as at the best recruitment agencies), we have established a systematic recruitment approach comprising eight essential steps for choosing the right candidates. In the following sections, we will delve into each of these steps in detail.

2. The 8-Step Recruiting Process at FreyStaff

2.1. Kick-off meeting or who to hire

Our recruitment journey begins with a kick-off meeting, usually attended by the hiring manager or the client’s team lead. The primary purpose of this meeting is to gather insights into the candidate’s desired skills and qualities. What we uncover during this session includes:

  • The Candidate’s Ideal Profile
  • Necessary or Must-Have Skills
  • Nice-to-Have Skills

This information guides us in understanding what good global recruitment services look like; whom to target and what questions to ask to hire the top. In some cases, our expertise enables us to set these requirements independently, without the client’s presence.

2.2. First contact with a candidate

Our talented sourcers take the lead in initiating contact with potential candidates. How do they identify the right individuals? They employ two key approaches:

  • Passive Search
    Crafting engaging job descriptions and posting them on job boards, followed by patiently waiting for candidate applications.
  • Active Search
    Utilizing platforms like LinkedIn and other resources to conduct X-ray and Boolean searches, recruitment specialists reach out to candidates who align with their criteria.

2.3. On-sourcing with candidates who are interested

In this stage, our recruiters engage with interested candidates to address essential questions. Topics of discussion may include the preferred terms of collaboration that best suit both the candidate and the client, the candidate’s readiness to commence employment, and clarifications about specific skills not evident in their CV. If mutual interest is confirmed, we document their details within our Applicant Tracking System (in our case, Greenhouse).

2.4. Second contact with a candidate

Upon the recruiter’s approval of a candidate’s CV within our ATS, we proceed to schedule the initial interview.

2.5. Recruiter interview

Recruiter interview

During the recruiter interview, we delve into key aspects. We inquire about must-have skills, particularly in terms of experience with the required technology stack that is needed for the project. Moreover, we seek to understand the candidate’s motivations for a long-term commitment and explore reasons for their departure from prior roles. We also often request referrals from colleagues.

Here’s a valuable tip from FreyStaff: A candidate’s response to reference requests can be telling. Excessive anxiety in this context may suggest underlying concerns requiring attention. 

We also assess a candidate’s teamwork abilities and evaluate their English language proficiency, a skill frequently misrepresented on CVs. Additionally, the recruitment specialists provide a clear overview of the subsequent stages of the hiring process to maintain transparency and clarity.

2.6. Technical interview

Following the recruiter interview, candidates who receive favorable feedback proceed to the technical interview. This stage’s content varies based on the role’s specific requirements and the level of expertise expected. We focus on assessing technical skills and incorporate live coding assessments to gauge coding principles and problem-solving capabilities (for software development specialists). In most cases, the technical interview involves both the recruiter and a technical specialist from our team. However, a technical specialist from the client side could also be a part of the process.

2.7. Hiring manager interview

Upon receiving positive feedback from the technical interview, candidates advance to an interview with the hiring manager. In some cases, this stage holds greater significance than the previous ones. Why? The hiring manager assesses soft skills, exploring the candidate’s attitude, teamwork capabilities, alignment with corporate culture, and communication skills. 

This evaluation is particularly crucial if the candidate is expected to function within a distributed team or an unconventional business environment.

2.8. Candidate’s feedback and Job offer

Candidate’s feedback and Job offer

Candidates who successfully navigate all previous stages participate in a call with the recruitment specialist. During this conversation, the candidate shares their interest in joining the company. If both parties express satisfaction, the recruiter extends a job offer, and the hiring manager prepares for the onboarding process.

3. Wrapping up

Now, you can view the process of hiring top tech talents in a different light. Recruitment services are not the chaotic and luck-dependent thing you might have thought before. Instead, successful hiring follows a methodical step-by-step approach to identify the ideal candidate. We start with understanding the client’s needs and preferences, forming a clear image of the perfect candidate. Our recruitment specialists then reach out to potential candidates and engage with those who show interest to learn more about their suitability and preferences.

The key is to maintain transparency and clarity throughout the process, ensuring a smooth experience for the candidate. Ultimately, when the right candidate successfully navigates through all the stages and expresses their interest, the recruiter extends a job offer, marking the beginning of their journey as an integral part of the client’s team.

At FreyStaff, we measure our success by the happiness of our clients. Our unwavering commitment to building a skilled and cohesive team, working harmoniously towards success, drives our mission to find the perfect fit for each role.